Attention NZQA Procurement Trainees

Important update on assessments from 2018

If you’re currently progressing through your NZQA Procurement Qualification, you need to know about changes to our fee structures for assessment.

Clever Buying now has two qualified Assessors who will be working with the 60-70 people who are currently registered and working through their qualification. Bruce Buxton and Caroline Boot are both able to help you through your qualification assessment requirements.

While many people have kept up steady progress through their qualification, some have struggled to complete their assignments. Bruce and Caroline are available to offer coaching and assistance, and the new version of the qualification is structured so that people will have greater support and be encouraged to keep up their progress towards their qualification.

To help with this, we have several assignments that do not rely on workplace opportunities, but rely on either desk research or scenarios to build and practice your procurement skills. This means everyone should be able to keep up steady progress through the majority of their qualification assessment requirements. Each assignment should take only 1-2 days to complete; and you should expect that some of the work you need to do will take place outside work time.

From 1st January 2018, anyone who has not submitted an assignment in the past six months will incur an additional assessment fee of $600 plus GST. From January 2018 on, we will need an assignment submitted from you at least every three months; or you will need to come to a training day so you can concentrate on completing those assignments. Fees will be charged for those training days ($750 plus GST), if needed.

If you have decided not to continue through to achieve your Qualified Tender Evaluator certification, please let us know. Also, if you’re not sure what assignments you should be working on, please drop us a line.

Hopefully this will help accelerate your progress through your qualification.