Procurement Manual and Policy Reviews

You probably have a procurement policy and manual that may have been developed years ago.

Do your policies and procedures comply with Government Procurement Rules and legal requirements? Are they user-friendly and well supported with practical tools and templates that work for your procurement teams?

Procurement Manual and Policy Reviews

Are your procurement processes in line with current best practice? What are the risks of an embarrassing audit result or a legal challenge?

If you’re a public organisation (e.g. a Council, Government Department or Ministry, a DHB, Crown Entity, or Education/ Health/ Social Services Provider), your procurement documentation should be simple, clear and should tick all the boxes required for government organisations.

It should be a working document, easy for your procurement staff to learn from, refer to, and comply with.

But we all know that document overhaul is a tough job – one that gets put off easily in favour of more urgent and important tasks.

The NZ Procurement & Probity Services team can take care of this headache for you. We’re experts in all aspects of the Government Procurement Requirements, and we can review your process documentation to make it simple, compliant, up-to-date and user-friendly.

We’ll provide customised templates for your staff to use in conjunction with your manuals, so they’ll always follow proper practices when procuring goods, projects and services with public money.

Because we’ve done this before, you’ll be surprised at how quickly and cost-efficiently your documentation can be updated and revitalised, in line with NZ and international best practice in procurement.