Strategic Procurement Support

So you’re developing a procurement strategy or working on a particular programme, and it’s doing your head in, right?

Maybe there are multiple stakeholders – and it’s hard to work out how to meet everyone’s needs. What forms of procurement could be out there, that would serve your needs?

Strategic Procurement Support

For clear-thinking, knowledgeable and independent procurement support based on decades of experience within NZ public sector organisations, our team at NZ Procurement & Probity Services is your best option.

We can:

  • Facilitate a stakeholder meeting to identify all the issues
  • Bring procurement expertise to the table to outline the various available options for procurement and delivery models
  • Analyse and test which models and strategies will best meet your needs
  • Follow through by helping you to develop the documentation and planning tools you need to deliver on your strategy.

What’s important to you is to get results – a clear agreed direction, supported by the plans, processes and tools to make it a reality.

Our procurement experts are not about a lot of hot air. We’ll work with you and your team to identify the key issues, find the best direction to resolve them, and roll up our sleeves to help you to move your strategy to deliver tangible results.