Tender Evaluators match-making service – Available now at no cost!

Need a skilled tender evaluator? We can put you in with a skilled procurement professional who needs examples of tender evaluations to complete their NZQA Procurement Qualification. Each of these candidates has completed 80% of the qualification, and has been thoroughly trained in best practice in evaluating tenders and procurement probity.

We have candidates based in several regions, employed by Councils or Consultants, who will travel to participate in your tender evaluation and write your tender evaluation report for you – all for little or no fees! In giving them this opportunity, you’ll be supporting them to achieve their NZQA procurement Qualification, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Also, if you’re a NZQA candidate who’s keen to undertake tender evaluations for low or no fees in order to complete your qualification, please join our list.

Interested? Contact us on info@cleverbuying.com or phone Caroline on 0800 225 005